“The word cyberbullying did not even exist a decade ago, yet the problem has become a pervasive one today. Cyberbullies do not have to be strong or fast; they just need access to a cell phone or computer and a desire to terrorize. Anyone can be a cyberbully, and such persons usually have few worries about having face-to-face confrontation with their victims” (Notar et al, 2013)

It can sometime be underestimated just how much of a problem cyberbullying is and the impact it can have. Bullies have always existed but since the evolution of technology and the arrival of social media, they have been given a new platform in which to operate from. Cyberbullying is unique in the way the bullies operate, their motivations behind it and the impacts it has.

Cyberbullies can often target total strangers but the majority of the time, their actions will be towards people they know. Cyberbullying can be worse than ‘ordinary bullying’ due to the fact that even when the child comes home, even when the child shuts the door, even when the child is physically alone, it can still exist. The victim could be harassed,  threatened or embarrassed and it can end up being extremely persistent.  The way in which the victim is targeted can be through the internet, a mobile device or other digital technology and once started, can tear the child’s life apart.

I am keeping this post relatively short for I feel that the video below sums up all I need to tell you about cyberbullying, and although it ends positive, my next post will tell you the shocking truth about what this horrible activity can lead to – the worst case scenario.


If you have the chance, also check out this blog and learn much more about bullying online and the precautions than can be taken to try and avoid it happening:


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