Happy Snappers


I’m aware that quite a number of my posts have been all doom and gloom about social media so I thought I’d lighten things up a bit. I am not going to talk about each and every social networking site or format, but I really wanted to devote a post to Snapchat – now one of the most mainstream and popular apps available today – as it really has taken the world by storm with it’s unique concept.

Since launching in September 2011, it has become extremely popular with the vast majority of users being of the younger generation. The idea is simple, you take a picture (most commonly a ‘selfie‘), set the time limit for how long you want the recipient(s) to view it for (up to 10 seconds), then optionally add text to it or your own drawing and finally send it away. Once opened for the set amount of time by the receiver, it is gone, never to be viewed again!*

If you wish to find out more about the app, I’ve included a video below which explains it further, but I must warn you it’s quite dry…

So, who exactly are the type of people who use this application? Well, after scouring the internet I have been able to collaborate the following, which defines some of the different groups of users. You’ll know yourself which one(s) you are!

1) “Look at me I’m drunk”
The people who just can’t have a night out without letting the world know they’re intoxicated

snapchat-too-drunk-to-handle1 tumblr_mmo4xqP9jw1r4xj1eo1_500


2) The serial ‘selfie’ addict
The people who worry the world will fall apart if the world is not reminded of what their face looks like.

IMG_7004 dsc0102

“‘Cute-ometer’ is off the scale, OMG”

snaptchat enhanced-buzz-27982-1381947357-4


4) The Snapchat story addicts
As if I didn’t see your face enough, I’ve now got 10 minutes worth of your snaps I have to wade through…

long snap chat story photo-378x568


5) The ‘artist’
Yes, we know, you can add a doodle to a snap, you’re very talented, but open the door, step outside and search for a new hobby / friends / life…

photo6 found-him


OK, I’ll admit they can be quite cool. Check out some more below:

6) The food snapper
We all eat, but these people want to share their daily consumptions with all their pals. Oh, and usually try and make everyone else feel horrendous and obese by postings really healthy stuff like a bowl of lettuce or cous cous – who even eats cous cous?



7) “This is my ‘attractive’ face”
We’re sending it to our best friends, we trust them, they know our inner beauty, so lets just show off our ugly side. I mean, it’s not like they would screenshot it…

fa78a168d2a4f6e8efb614bf50a933ed brainwreck.com_9398_1389738613


And finally, probably the most common –

8) The ‘I’m just looking natural’ snap
Most people will deny they do it but everyone knows the truth. They’ll spend ages trying to get a good looking picture, with the right light, the right angle and the right smile. And finally after 10 minutes, they’ll settle for a position hoping that the receiver will deem it a quick, ‘natural’ photo. ‘They ain’t foolin’ nobody.’



There are a number of other categories, some of which can be found in the linked BuzzFeed article.

Understandably, some parents have their concerns about Snapchat and it’s use for ‘sexting‘, but in my opinion, if used sensibly (and despite my sarcasm), it can be a lot of fun! A very simple but very clever invention that has gone viral.


What is Snapchat?

Click here for further reading regarding a recent (major) glitch that Snapchat suffered

*there are a number of applications that are now available to be able to save and store ‘snaps’


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